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Automatic Sliding Doors | ASN Doors

Automatic Sliding doors

Our automatic sliding doors is the most widely used automatic door system. It is the most user friendly and due to its design is the safest operator configuration. It lends itself to volume traffic and simplicity of operation.

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Automatic Swing Doors | ASN Doors

Automatic swing doors

Automatic swing doors are a way of life and have provided a very effective means of access and security. The process of automating swing doors was a natural development to facilitate the passage of people into and out of buildings in a busy modern world.Swing doors are efficient and effective as means of access and egress but they do require careful consideration of safety features when automated.

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Folding Automaic Doors | ASN Doors

Folding Automatic Doors

Applications for folding automatic doors cover all instances where space is at a premium, corridor situations or where a swing door is not the ideal unit for two way traffic Opens up new possibilities anywhere space is limited.

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Manual Doors | ASN Doors

Manual Doors

Repair, installation and maintenance of commercial aluminium and glass door systems including locking.

Fire Exits | ASN Doors

Fire Exits

These are the most important and often most forgotten doors in a building unlike normal doors that wear out due to use, these doors lock up duo to a lack of use. Causing the door furniture to collapse and make them inoperable that again can lead to a health and safety or security risk.